the ex Secretist loses his temper and attacks Mindy, his daughter!

They are both reality TV heroines. The first made herself known in the very first season of Loft Story, the second, in Secret Story 5, which she also won. And yet, Marie Garet hates being compared to her elder, Loana. This February 27, 2024, without filters, she shared a virulent message on her TikTok account.

“I don’t have a child at DDASS”

She said, about Jean-Edouard’s ex: “I have absolutely nothing against Loana”before continuing: “but I am a liberal nurse. I have been working since I was 16. I am doing very well psychologically. I don’t particularly have any addictions. I can line up the words one behind the other. I manage to express myself. I don’t have any children at DDASS.”

Obviously not embarrassed to point out with malice the troubles and dramas that Loana went through during her life, including with her daughter, Mindy, who undoubtedly remains her greatest wound, Marie Garet then asked: “So what brings me and this girl together? What do we have in common? Tell me!”

And added: “Tell me, because I like to know. Really. I like to question myself and I am absolutely ready to accept things if I really have to worry about what I am.”. In the comments, many criticized the young woman for her cruel statements. For her part, she tried to take the theme with a little more tweezers, arguing: “I am basing myself on true facts, which have nothing to do with me!”

“We are two poor girls?”

Marie Garet, who is known for her outspokenness, also deplored: “And you, when you compare me to her, don’t you disrespect her by pointing out that we are two poor girls?”


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