the ex of Jalil Lespert “serene” for the outcome of this case!

This Monday, May 30, Sonia Rolland was indicted in Paris for concealment of embezzlement of public funds, corruption and abuse of corporate assets as reported by our colleagues from Parisian. The former Miss France received a gift from a late Gabonese president, Omar Bongo, in 2003. It is a luxurious apartment (worth just over 640,000 euros according to investigators , editor’s note) located in the 16th arrondissement of Paris. As part of this case, the ex of Jalil Lespert had been heard in 2021 under the free suspect regime at the Central Office for the Suppression of Serious Financial Crime (OCRGDF). She had explained herself on this gift that she had received from the Bongo spouses, under the regime of a civil real estate company (SCI). According Release, the model told investigators that she met Edith Bongo, the wife of the former Gabonese president, in 2001 when she was sponsoring Miss contests in Africa. In 2002, the latter allegedly told her that she would give her a gift to thank her for the image she conveyed for Africa.

“Sonia Rolland has no doubt that she will be exonerated…”

If according to the indictment, “she should have known about the fraudulent method of acquisition”as it is written in the Parisianthe lawyer of the actress, Maître Charles Morel expressed himself by saying: “We must beware of judging with today’s knowledge of the facts of 2003. My client was 22 years old, she was coming out of a period when she was projected into a universe of which she knew nothing. explained in detail about the conditions for obtaining this gift, which she did not request. She acknowledges having been naive, but disputes any violation”did he declare. “At no time was she aware of the origin of the funds, nor of the financial arrangement, she trusted the notary completely. Sonia Rolland is serene and has no doubt that she will be exonerated at the end of instruction”.

To be continued…

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Adam Javal-Fauconnier

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