the European Commission proposes to extend its authorization for 10 years


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The battle over glyphosate is relaunched. On Wednesday September 20, the European Commission announced that it would request the renewal of the authorization of the herbicide for 10 years within the EU. States still need to support this proposal.

It is the most used pesticide, the best known, and the most controversial. Will glyphosate still be used for the next 10 years? This is what the European Commission is proposing. For Sébastien Berger, a cereal grower in Vienne, it is impossible to weed when the soil is wet. If glyphosate is removed tomorrow, I won’t give up my farm in the years to comehe believes.

France wants to gradually do without glyphosate

Brussels relies on the European Food Safety Authority. But the analysis is biased towards its opponents. Will France vote for extensions? We defend the scientific position, [le glyphosate] is not dangerous enough to be banned overnight, but sufficiently problematic to gradually seek to do without it, explains Pascal Canfin, Renew MP. Member states have until October 13 to find common ground.

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