the environmental group does not suspend Julien Bayou, young environmentalists “deplore” the result of the vote

While Julien Bayou is not suspended by his environmentalist group in the National Assembly, the reactions of young environmentalists are increasing.


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Green deputy from Paris Julien Bayou at the National Assembly, December 7, 2023. (VINCENT ISORE / MAXPPP)

The environmentalist group in the National Assembly has decided not to suspend the deputy Julien Bayou, in withdrawal since a complaint from his ex-partner who accuses him of “psychological violence”Franceinfo learned on Wednesday March 27 from parliamentary sources, confirming information from the Les Jours site and BFMTV.

During a vote “by secret ballot” Tuesday there was “many blank votes, which did not allow us to have the famous 60%” necessary to make such a decision, according to the group’s rules, observes a source.

“Anaïs, we believe you”

We deplore this result which does not live up to our commitments to combat gender-based and sexual violence.”react the Young Environmentalists onAs a reminder, Julien Bayou is accused of acts of psychological violence. These, in the same way as physical violence, are punishable by law.”

“Our actions must never minimize them, it is time for everyone’s reactions to be more representative of our values. Anaïs, we believe you”, they add. They are referring here to Anaïs Leleux, the ex-partner of the Paris elected official and former national secretary of Europe Écologie-Les Verts.

A suspension of Julien Bayou from the environmentalist group in the Assembly would have made it possible, on the MP side, to take action on the withdrawal that he decided at the beginning of March. This withdrawal means that he cannot speak on behalf of his group in the chamber or in the media, nor co-sign the amendments.

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