“The Earth Uprisings have added a chapter to the file which could lead to their dissolution”, warns Minister Christophe Béchu


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“Every weekend where the Earth Uprisings call for prohibited demonstrations”, it ends “by injuries in the ranks of the police”, justifies Monday on franceinfo the Minister for the Ecological Transition. A decree of dissolution will be presented Wednesday in the Council of Ministers.

Two days after the demonstration against the Lyon-Turin high-speed rail line, Christophe Béchu assures Monday June 19 on franceinfo that “3,000 people cannot question the consequences of a project that will help hundreds of thousands of inhabitants” to win “in air quality”. While “twelve gendarmes and police were injured”the Minister for the Ecological Transition calls for “not to transform ecology into a pretext to fuel a hatred of the police”. “There is a lot of that in those who demonstrate”he assures.

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It is in this context that a decree of dissolution of the collective Les Uprisings of the Earth, at the origin of this undeclared demonstration like those against the mega-basin of Sainte-Soline, will be presented Wednesday in the Council of Ministers. “Every weekend the Earth Uprisings call for banned protests”it ends “by wounded in the ranks of the police”, warns Christophe Béchu. The members of this group “add a chapter to the dossier that could lead to their dissolution”.

A project with a “particularly ecological” ambition

“Lyon-Turin is a construction site that is gone”recalls the Minister of Ecological Transition. “There is a declaration of public utility, more than 30 kilometers of tunnel which have started to be drilled. The project is supported by Europe and wanted by France and Italy for around thirty years.”Christophe Béchu insists on the“particularly ecological ambition” of the project.

“3,000 demonstrators is the equivalent of the number of trucks that will be avoided each day thanks to Lyon-Turin.”

Christophe Béchu, Minister of Ecological Transition

on franceinfo

“Today, we have 1.5 million heavy goods vehicles transiting between France and Italy.adds Christophe Béchu. 90% of this freight traffic is done on the road and causes pollution in the Maurienne or Arve valleys. With Lyon-Turin, we will switch a million heavy goods vehicles to rail. The Mont-Cenis tunnel is not sufficient for this. If we want to support freight in a significant way and an ecological ambition of decarbonization, we need this project.”

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