the divorce that turns everything upside down!

On April 12, 1965, the idol of young people and the blonde star of the hits said “Yes” to each other, during a ceremony jostled by the very many fans and photographers. Johnny and Sylvie it was for life! A year later, August 14, 1966, the couple welcomed their little boy named David. A few months ago, singer Sylvie Vartan spoke on Instagram about her chaotic love affair with Johnny Hallyday: “It was with great emotion that I found myself transported to this whirlwind that was our life. A volcanic and intense love filled with memories that will never fade.” she had explained. In 2022, she also confided in her relationship with the singer, with whom she had so much in common: “We were very similar, like brother and sister, we understood the same things, we felt the same emotions. We understood that we had to be separated, after we found each other, it was never lukewarm. It was always fury, the fury of living”she said on France 3. A relationship that will have known ups and downs, and always in the spotlight!

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“During this sequence, he was not acting”

In his latest book Johnny Circus – Johnny Hallyday’s nightmare tour, published on Thursday June 1, 2023 by Editions de l’Archipel, Sam Bernett tells in particular how the rock star’s big drug problems as well as his extra-marital relationship with the American singer Nanette Workman almost blew up their marriage. Because even if Sylvie Vartan made fun of her husband’s infidelities, as she explained at the microphone of The original band on France Inter on November 30, 2020, “The infidelities didn’t have that much importance, to be honest, because I knew Johnny perfectly well and I knew that all that didn’t have much importance deep down.interpreter of loveit’s like a cigarette seemed tired of her husband’s behavior… always far from her and, out of patience, decided to ask for a divorce in 1972. And Johnny certainly did not expect it, according to the testimonies collected in Sam’s book Bernett! “When he left the stage, Johnny was cryingremembers Sacha Rhoul, secretary and bodyguard of the idol of young people, Before escaping to go to London a few hours earlier, he had learned that Sylvie was asking for a divorce. During this sequence, he was not acting.”.

A version of the facts confirmed by Léon Gendre, the mayor of La Flotte, a town on the Ile de Ré, who witnessed a similar scene: “Johnny came to dinner one evening with Jean-Jacques Debout and Chantal Goya. I imagined him flamboyant! He was infinitely sad, in tears, because it was a question of divorce with Sylvie Vartan. My friend Jean-Jacques Debout consoled him, but he cried the whole meal”, remembers the chosen one. Did this move Sylvie Vartan? Their marriage will finally last eight more years to really end in a divorce in 1980, after a long love story of the most Rock’n’Roll…


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