the director ends in tears on “What a time”!

Luc Besson had disappeared from the radar. The accusations of sexual assault and rape made by the Belgian actress Sand Van Roy had plunged him into turmoil. In 2018, the latter filed a complaint, denouncing “professional control relationship” as well as threats of “retaliation for her acting career”. At the time, the director admitted to an extramarital affair, but outright denied the rape accusations. Five years later, the Court of Cassation finally handed down its judgment and exonerated the filmmaker who, on the occasion of the release of his film DogMan, in which Caleb Landry Jones plays the main character, has agreed to break his silence.

Guest of Léa Salamé on the set of the show What an erabroadcast on France 2, Maïwenn’s ex-husband notably returned to a particularly touching declaration from his wife Virginie Silla in the columns of Paris Match. I had doubts about his infidelities, but he always managed to dispel them.”she recently confided to our colleagues before admitting to having never believed Sand Van Roy’s accusations. I knew Luc hadn’t raped or drugged anyone. I know him too well. […] I knew his behavior with women. I am aware of his wounds, his need for love and recognition is a bottomless pit.” And to conclude: Today I no longer trust him, but I love him.”.

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Luc Besson in turmoil

Words “very hard” for Luc Besson who considers himself to be at the origin of the situation. At worst, the one who realized The Big Blue, Nikita, Léon or The fifth Element “hope” all the same regain the trust of his wife for whom he feels “always lots of love”.

To this day he regrets “have cheated on him” and specifies that he “had all the love before (his) eyes, but (he did not) see it”. A feeling that Christophe Dechavanne seems to know well. It reassures a man to make conquests, to see that girls look at you with dazzled eyes. When we have a somewhat complicated past, an adolescence where we don’t like ourselves very much, we take revenge a little…”, explained the host. Faced with this analysis, Luc Besson could only confirm. “Ois no longer sensitive to that. Up to fifteen years ago, we took hundreds of sheets of metal. We know what ‘No, I don’t want you’ is, so it’s clear that when people suddenly look at you a little more and find you attractive, that’s reassuring.” Touching confidences from the man who believes he has become handsome thanks to cinema.


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