the difficulty of abandoned houses in villages


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Rurality: the difficulty of abandoned houses in villages

Rurality: the difficulty of abandoned houses in villages

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In Mayenne, one house in five is unoccupied in the village of Vimartin-sur-Orthe. A problematic situation for the town hall, which is trying to attract new residents.

In the streets of Vimartin-sur-Orthe (Mayenne), abandoned houses are multiplying. One in five homes is unoccupied and certain streets in the town center are particularly affected. A building abandoned for 25 years even collapsed. Some houses do not find buyers due to the costly work to be carried out. Others are not for sale, but the owners cannot be reached. The town hall has decided to tax vacant residences.

A study launched by the town hall to attract occupants

The manager of a restaurant hopes that they will quickly welcome new residents. The village, which has several businesses, has no shortage of assets. The mayor wants to increase the number of projects, such as the construction of a new school, to attract residents. “I hope that this will allow people around to come and settle here”, indicates Xavier Seigneuret, mayor (without label) of Vimartin-sur-Orthe. The municipality has launched a study to look for other ways to bring occupants into housing.

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