the death of a 5th grade student was indeed caused by “cranio-cerebral trauma after a fall”

The teenager had felt unwell after receiving a vaccine against the papillomavirus before falling heavily on his head within the college grounds. Hospitalized for a week, the schoolboy died. For its part, the ARS affirms that this death “is unrelated to the vaccine product or to a quality defect in the vaccine”.

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Saint Herblain (Loire-Atlantique).  (GOOGLE MAPS)

The death of a 5th grade student attending school in Saint-Herblain, near Nantes (Loire-Atlantique), was indeed caused by “cranio-cerebral trauma after a fall to the back of the head”indicated Tuesday, October 31, the Nantes prosecutor, to France Bleu Loire Océan, the day after the autopsy carried out on the teenager.

On October 19, the 12-year-old student, attending Saint-Dominique college, was a candidate for vaccination against the papillomavirus. The prosecutor reports that “a short time later, the child said he did not feel well”. It is therefore “installed on a chair and according to the first hearings, he fell heavily”. The teenager finally died on October 27, at the Nantes University Hospital, a little over a week after the vaccination session.

An investigation opened for manslaughter

The prosecutor decided to open a preliminary investigation for manslaughter: “This investigation should clarify the conditions of care of the child before, during and after the act of vaccination”he explains. “As I speak to youadds the prosecutor, “We do not have any evidence to indicate that it was the vaccine product itself that was the cause of the death.” A medical assessment was therefore also requested to try to determine the origin of the discomfort.

For its part, the Regional Health Agency affirms that this death “is unrelated to the vaccine product or to a quality defect in the vaccine”. The Agency has launched an investigation, the results of which are expected on November 8. After the announcement of this death, the ARS announced that “countryside [de vaccination] will resume at the start of the school year according to a schedule specific to each department”.

The general secretariat of Catholic education recommends to Catholic colleges under contract to “to suspend” the vaccination campaign against the papillomavirus, by “precautionary reason”. “As long as we have guarantees on the safety conditions in which these campaigns can take place within our establishments. It is a question of knowing in what material and human conditions the vaccines are carried out as part of this campaign vaccination”explains Marie-Caroline Hamon-Vinet, general delegate of the network in Loire-Atlantique.

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