the day after Mélanie Dedigama’s accusations, Bastos shares a worrying message

The circle is complete. Seven years after their first participation in the Apprentice Adventurersthe pair formed by Mélanie Dedigama and Bastien Grimal, aka Bastos, returned to Thailand to participate together a second time in the survival adventure.

A program that Mélanie Dedigama did not hope to experience in the company of her ex. And for good reason, since their separation, the two reality TV characters revealed in Secret Story are not on good terms.

While during their first adventure, it was Bastos who rang the bell, in the episode broadcast on Thursday February 15, it was the mother who decided to ring the gong and thus mark the end of their adventure.

“When I arrived I never would have imagined that we would be together. When I saw you it was very complicated. I tried to move past the past […]but I realized that with the features of your personality it brings back to me all the things that you could have done to me that I cannot erase. I can’t continue this adventure before you, I’m thinking about my own well-being. You never respected me”, she explained to Bastos on the beach.

A speech that Mélanie Dedigama expanded on via her Instagram account following the broadcast of the episode to justify her abandonment.


“A person who has done so much psychological harm to you for years, who once your breakup is confirmed, constantly does live on you, stories, snaps, interviews, numerous YouTube videos for years on his channel and those of others. […] The sole aim is to denigrate you, humiliate you, demean you, harm you, and to be able to spread false rumors about you to promote yourself publicly by telling grotesque lies.” she wrote about Bastien.

And to conclude: “To finally be able to ring this bell was a liberation and a deliverance for me.” A message which also signals the end of a cycle for the main person concerned.

Via his Instagram account, the thirty-year-old shared several photos of his reality TV journey which he captioned as follows: “7 years. So happy to finally leave this crazy world. I would have tried to end on a good note. It’s time to rise, to give birth to something greater.”


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