“The Complete Columbia Album Collection”, Carlos Chávez

As part of its reissues in thematic box sets, Sony searches both its historical collection and its back of drawers. Between a Robert Craft box set for happy few and before a historical, useful and expected “Copland by Copland”, here is a very unexpected publication, but no less useful and historic. Carlos Chávez (1899-1978), composer, conductor, scholar, administrator, was a true “Mexican Bartók”, in the sense of the integration of popular music into a new, modern and identity-based national music. Chávez integrates this thematic framework into a language inherited from Stravinsky, Roussel or Honegger. For anyone interested in South American and Mexican music, this box set is essential. It contains the totally forgotten recordings of Chávez, notably at the head of the National Orchestra of Mexico, mainly from the 1960s, especially his six symphonies, the Violin Concerto with Henryk Szeryng, arrangements of traditional music and a CD of historical engravings (1938-1940). Heritage publication.

Carlos Chavez



The Complete Columbia Album Collection, Sony, 7 CDs, 19439977412

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