The complaint filed by a student against the principal of the Maurice-Ravel high school for “violence”, after an incident linked to the wearing of the veil, dismissed

The complaint was closed for “insufficiently characterized offense”, said the Paris prosecutor’s office.



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Maurice-Ravel high school, March 5, 2024, in Paris.  (SERGE TENANI / HANS LUCAS / AFP)

The complaint filed by a BTS student from the Maurice-Ravel high school in Paris, against the principal whom she accused of having assaulted her during an incident linked to the wearing of her veil, was dismissed, said Wednesday 27 March the Paris prosecutor’s office. The complaint filed for violence not resulting in incapacity for work was closed for “insufficiently characterized offense”he clarified.

At the same time, an investigation was opened for cyberharassment following death threats on the internet aimed at the principal in connection with this altercation. The principal had “recalled (February 28) to three students their obligation to remove their veil” Islamic within the premises of the establishment in order to respect the law prohibiting ostentatious religious symbols, explained the prosecution when announcing the opening of the investigation at the beginning of March.

A young man awaiting trial after making threats

“One of them, an adult and educated in BTS”had “ignored the principal, which caused an altercation”, he added. Death threats against this principal were then made on the internet. The BTS student told Parisian have been “hit violently on the arm” by the principal.

A 26-year-old young man, from Hauts-de-Seine, was arrested and must be tried on April 23 in Paris for having threatened to kill the principal on the internet. The principal has also left his position “For safety reasons”, according to a message sent Tuesday to teachers, students and parents. The rectorate, for its part, mentioned “personal convenience” and one “early departure” retired “in view of the events that have marked recent weeks”.

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