The columnist of “TPMP”, Gilles Verdez, is slapped by a guest in full live and does not recover!

This Tuesday, September 20, 2022, the atmosphere was there on the set of TPMP. In a generous mood, Cyril Hanouna chose to set up a little game to allow someone from the public to win the sum of 5,000 euros. The player’s goal was to succeed in putting a basket in just 5 tries. To help him, he then had the right to call on a friend. A call he chose to make from the 4th failure. Without further ado, Cyril Hanouna therefore asked Rudy Gobert, professional basketball player, to help the young man. Which allowed him to win the loot.

Exit the sportsman, it is another personality who came to take place on the set of the show. Josiane Balasko has, in fact, created the surprise by landing in TPMP. The 72-year-old actress was then joined by a special guest. Namely, Ragnar le Breton, a friend of his son who became known on social networks and who now performs in shows. A show in which he slaps”.

“Gilles slaps his head”

Blown away by this revelation, Cyril Hanouna therefore made the decision to let Ragnar the Breton choose a person from his team to slap him. Unfortunately, it was Gilles Verdez who was selected by the young man who ended up giving him a good slap. A sequence rich in emotions which aroused strong reactions from Internet users. “And everyone is happy, it’s distressing”, “He realized the dream of a lot of people there”, “He should have given him two”, Gilles slaps his head, can we read in particular on social networks…


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