The clown who makes children laugh in Ukraine!

In August, we met the humanitarian clown Guillaume Vermette. Since 2015, he has traveled the world with one goal: to spread happiness around him. Our interview took place while he was in Ukraine with the Siobhan’s Trust organization to bring food and put smiles back on children’s faces!

What are you doing in Ukraine?

Since the start of the war, I wanted to bring joy here. The goal is to show Ukrainians that they are not forgotten and that we stand together in the face of the horrors of war. It’s a mission that has a lot of meaning.

What does a day in your life in Ukraine look like?

We get up in the morning, we eat breakfast, we dress as a clown and we prepare two trucks of pizzas. Then, we leave for towns, villages, refugee camps and even orphanages. We generally make two or three visits per day. Our goal is to spread joy before leaving each location.

Do you encounter challenges sometimes?

Yes, several. The first day was the most difficult, because we arrived the day after a successful attack by the Ukrainians against the Russians. This caused missiles to be fired nearby, which was very stressful.

Do you sometimes feel fear or worry?

Yes of course. This is the first time I have found myself in a country at war. Although I have not been directly affected by the conflict, the atmosphere is stressful and sometimes frightening. It’s hard not to feel worried, but we are doing our best to continue our work while being careful.

Do you have moments, among volunteers, during which you share what you have experienced?

Yes, we share our experiences a lot during car trips. It helps us manage our emotions and find support from each other. Its very important.

Have you had a crush moment?

This is undoubtedly the testimony of a young person of around 11 years old. He said to me: “Thank you for coming here despite the war with Russia. You bring a lot of emotion to everyone, because of what you are… that is to say, friends who cheer us up during these very difficult times. THANKS ! »

Marilys Beaudoin

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