“The closest defender to the NHL”: recruiters analyze the 1st choice of the Canadian, David Reinbacher

NASHVILLE | There were the four tenors: Connor Bedard, Leo Carlsson, Adam Fantilli and Will Smith. In the fifth row, the choice became more unpredictable. The Canadian opted for the Austrian defender, David Reinbacher. A selection that did not really charm the faithful of the team who dreamed of a more offensive player like Matvei Michkov or Ryan Leonard.

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Reinbacher’s name came up constantly in discussions with the eight recruiters surveyed by THE Log for the construction of the mock draft.

Three of our six spies who predicted the 32 first-round picks placed the right-handed defenseman with the Arizona Coyotes. Reinbacher finally met his fate a little more quickly by donning the CH jersey and cap.

Photo taken from Instagram @david.reinbacher

Here is a summary of the main descriptions of Reinbacher.

“He is very solid and complete as a defender. It can also generate attack. He was playing against men in Switzerland. Like Moritz Seider, I expect to see him come out quickly in the draft.

– A Western recruiter

“Reinbacher is a great blue line project. The industry is not convinced about its offensive. But he defends well, he has good speed and he is very intelligent. He plays hard, good physique. When he grabs the puck, he takes it out, the puck.”

– A Western recruiter

“For me, he is the closest defenseman to the NHL. He had quite a season in Kloten, Switzerland, despite his young age. He will have the same game at the NHL level. His great strengths are his intelligence and his ability to carry the puck. He was playing in a good league in Switzerland against much older rivals. Age will not scare him, he is physically ready.

– A Western recruiter

“He will play quickly in the NHL. Not next year, but soon. He rarely disappoints you. I really like his intelligence. He already has a good size, but he can add muscle.

– A recruiter from the East

“David has followed a meteoric progression. He has achieved great things this season. He was playing in the top league in Switzerland in a top four role on the blue line. It’s impressive. He already has the game of a pro. It doesn’t have many flaws. He was winning his battles against players 10 years older than him. At the Junior World Championship, he also showed his character by remaining a dominant defender despite playing for a lousy team with Austria. He was not discouraged. He has a good mix of speed, playfulness, intelligence and toughness.

– A recruiter from the East

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