“The Area of ​​Interest”, the chilling daily life of a Nazi family


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Auschwitz: “The Area of ​​Interest”, the chilling daily life of a Nazi family

Auschwitz: “The Zone of Interest”, the chilling daily life of a Nazi family – (France 2)

Grand prize at the Cannes Film Festival, The Zone of Interest by Jonathan Glazer tells the horror without showing it by following the daily life and family life of the man at the head of the Auschwitz camp.

The film could have been called “A Garden in Hell”. “The Zone of Interest”, the film by Jonathan Glazer released in 2023, shows the daily life of a family of Nazis, whose father commands the Auschwitz extermination camp (Poland), located very close to their House. The film denounces the banality of evil. During its preview screening in Paris, the two main actors spoke of “a cry of alarm”, as the survivors of the camps gradually die out.

A duty to remember

The objective of this film is to perpetuate the memory, particularly among younger generations. “It’s more important than ever to talk about history,” says Sandra Hüller, who plays the role of Hedwige Höss. Since the discovery of the concentration camps, numerous films have attempted to recount the horror of the Shoah, such as Night and Fog or Schindler’s List.

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