the anger of the parents of pupils in the face of the absenteeism of the teachers


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Parents of students have decided to file a complaint against the State. The collective We want proof, launch, today, a new action to obtain the replacement of absent teachers, and calls into question the Ministry of National Education.

A wild class at home, and lessons given by a retired teacher. This is the solution found, ten days ago by Cathie Martinie, mother exasperated by absences. In France, angry parents decided to file a complaint against the State. 200 cases have already been investigated by lawyer Me Joyce Pitcher. A class action lawsuit, in the hope of compelling the government to find solutions.

2.5 million lost lesson hours

“It is a cry of despair from the parents, who are in tears, because their children have not had teachers, and replacements are not made”. The firm received nearly 1,500 parent records, Who askyou compensation for absences of more than 15 days for the year 2022/2023, notably compensation of 50 euros per school day lost in primary school. Replacements could be anticipated though. “A third of the hours are due to meetings or imposed trainings”underlines Ghislaine Morvan-Dubois, vice-president FCPE Paris. 2.5 million hours of lessons would have been lost in 2021 according to the Court of vscount.

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