The Alouettes | Anthony Calvillo, in French

It is in the language of Molière that Anthony Calvillo began his videoconference with journalists on Thursday afternoon. In addition to the opening remarks he read, Calvillo notably answered a question in French without being asked.

Miguel bujold

Miguel bujold

“First of all, I would like to say that I am very happy to be part of the Montreal Alouettes again. I would also like to thank the University of Montreal for trusting me and giving me the opportunity to work with student athletes. They also gave me the basics to learn French and I promised Manon Simard (the general director of CEPSUM and excellence sport) that I will continue to improve my French ”, said Calvillo straight away, who was named the Alouettes’ quarterback coach.

Calvillo said he chatted with Simard a few days ago, and his esteem for the former swimmer and Carabins boss is evident.

“I thanked her for the foundation she gave me and I will not let it down,” he said before continuing in French.

“My French will continue to improve. Now I feel comfortable speaking in French, but it’s still difficult for me to understand every word when someone is talking with me. I watch television in French with subtitles because I have to see every word. My goal is to have more interviews in French during the season. ”

Calvillo seems to already know the basics of having a conversation, which is a pleasant surprise. Some gossips will say it took too long to do it, but the vast majority will welcome the effort.


Anthony Calvillo, with the University of Montreal Carabins, in 2019

In addition to having worked for three years with the Carabins at the University of Montreal, it was during the process that led to his recent obtaining of Canadian citizenship that the former player from southern California really got hold of it. realized the importance of French in Quebec.

“I really saw how strong the French language was here, and has been for hundreds of years. It opened my eyes and I have a new appreciation for the language. So I started to put more effort into learning and speaking French. ”

More patient

Calvillo is a hard-working and relentless man. There is therefore very little doubt that we will hear him speak more and more often in French over the next few years. But he did not return to the Alouettes to practice the past participle agreement with the auxiliary have. It’s to work with the quarterbacks of the club, starting with Vernon Adams Jr..


Vernon Adams Jr.

“We worked together a few years ago with the Alouettes, but I think we’ve both gained experience since then. Vernon as a quarterback and I as a coach and teacher. I can’t wait to work with him, but before I can, I’ll have to sit down with Khari to find out his intentions regarding our attack. I’ll have to update myself, ”Calvillo explained.

I want to help him progress [Adams fils], but not necessarily in the way I would like it to progress. He and the team will decide how he progresses.

Anthony calvillo

Calvillo admits to being a better coach than he was during his first seasons in this role with the Alouettes, from 2015 to 2017.

“My first four seasons in the CFL [il était avec les Argonauts de Toronto en 2018] were not very successful. So I had to take a step back to reassess the way I worked and taught. So I was very lucky that Danny Maciocia and Manon Simard believed in me. ”

“I have become a better teacher. Basically, that’s what coaches, teachers are. We want to get the best out of our players as teachers do with their students. I am much more patient. When I started my career, I had certain expectations. But I realized that not all players are like me. ”

“I listen more to what players tell me when they talk to me. I take the time to better absorb what they communicate to me. ”

In Montreal for good

Calvillo thanked everyone on the Alouettes staff, but Khari Jones in particular. “I thank him for believing that I can bring value to the team. ”

After receiving an initial call from Danny Maciocia, Calvillo got in touch with Jones and their relationship seems to be off on the right foot.

“There has always been great mutual respect between the two of us. We spent a lot of time talking on the phone during the process leading up to my hiring and in the end he was comfortable giving me responsibility for the most important position of a team, that of shift. -back. ”

Calvillo knew one thing: it was out of the question for him to live away from his family as he had done in 2018 with the Argonauts. So the decision was easy.

“The most important thing for me was to live in my house in Montreal. I think this organization is strong and on the right track. I wanted to be part of it. I am very excited to be back with the Alouettes. ”

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