the actor speaks for the very first time and is radical

“Mr. Alain DELON will not appeal the decision rendered following the hearing of April 4, 2024 at the Montargis judicial court. He trusts the agent designated by the Court. No further declaration will be made. Mr. Alain Delon has the right to respect for his private life.”. This is the decision ofAlain Delon

transmitted by his lawyer Laurence Bedossa this Tuesday April 9, 2024.

Indeed, the father of Anouchka, Anthony, and Alain-Fabien, while he had been under judicial protection since the end of January, was finally placed under reinforced curatorship on April 4. A decision taken by the judge at the Montargis judicial court.

A few days after this decision, the 88-year-old actor decided, through his lawyer, not to appeal this court decision which had nevertheless been judged to be “excessive” and undoubtedly experienced as a humiliation by the actor, according to Anouchka’s lawyer, Franck Berton.

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Alain Delon will not appeal after being placed under reinforced guardianship

A person under curatorship can manage day-to-day management acts alone, known as administrative acts or conservatory acts, remind our colleagues at The Independent citing for example the management of the bank account or the subscription of an insurance contract.

However, for more important acts such as acts of disposition, a person under curatorship needs to be assisted by their curator. But in the case of reinforced curatorship, “in addition to the acts of disposition provided for in simple curatorship, the curator manages the bank account of the protected person and pays their expenses”, our colleagues explain.

A scenario in which we find ourselves Alain Delon who decided not to appeal this decision.

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