The actor François Damiens disembarks totally drunk, the comedian makes his own at the airport!

François Damiens hit the headlines. According to information from Close, the star would have been arrested in a state of intoxication this Tuesday, December 14, 2021. The actor who stayed in Paris was to embark for Brussels. But nothing went as planned! Indeed, the comedian could not have boarded the plane because of his blood alcohol level too high. Despite his condition, François Damien would not have wanted to create a scandal and would have accepted all the directives of the staff. Thus, he would have been disembarked discreetly and the police would have taken over. The actor would have remained under surveillance for 1 hour before being released … The time to regain his senses.

Still according to our colleagues from Close, François Damiens would also have proposed a breakfast to the authorities. Unsurprisingly, his invitation was declined. Subsequently, the artist was able to find a taxi to rest in a hotel out of sight. Originally from Belgium, he has always been very attached to his country. The star also lives with her two sons Jack and Jimmy in the south of Brussels. Despite his notoriety, Gaëlle’s ex-companion has remained the same according to him. “I am very close to my family”, he told Alix Battard for RTL-TVI last year. “It hasn’t changed too much with my friends, my family. But I understand it can be frustrating when someone goes ‘solo’. I try all the time to incorporate everyone around me into my life. When I go on tour, I take friends with me, my family, my wife. I have nothing to hide, I might as well enjoy it all together “.

As for the heart, François Damiens is very discreet about this. To this day, no one knows if he has found love again since his break-up with a woman named Gaëlle …


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