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to be addicted to Fortnitethat could be ?

Do you ever play video games? Have you ever heard of Fortnite, this very popular online video game? We recently learned that collective action against Fortnite was accepted. This means that the designers of the game will find themselves in court. We explain why!

What is a collective action?

A class action allows a person to go to court to seek justice on behalf of all those who have experienced the same problem as them.

Here, three Quebec parents pursue Fortnite and Epic Games (the game’s designer). If the court gives them reason, all people who live in Quebec and who have developed an addiction to this video game since September 2017 will be able to receive a sum of money. This money is intended to compensate for the negative effects of Fortnite in their life.

What are we accusing of Fortnite ?

The class action deplores the fact that video games are addictive. This means that many young people find it difficult to stop playing. Some can stay online for hours and hours. Gambling is even compared to drugs!

In the court decision authorizing the class action, the symptoms of addicted gamblers are specified: “migraines, back and neck pain, lack of basic hygiene, sleep disorders as well as significant social disorders” . In addition, “several players would have developed problems such as they do not eat, do not shower and do not socialize”.

A parent reports that his child has played 7781 games of Fortnite In two years. It is enormous !

The three parents are also demanding that the money their children have spent on the game be reimbursed to them.

Epic Games, the company that created the game Fortnite, affirms that his game is not harmful, and tried to escape the appeal for the first time by appealing. However, this request was refused. The collective action against the video game will therefore go ahead! This is definitely a situation to follow.

And you, do you think you spend too much time playing video games?

Do you know these native words?

There are over 60 Indigenous languages ​​in Canada. However, several of them are threatened with extinction. This is why it is important to protect them. But for that, you must first know them!

In this Indigenous Languages ​​Month, Shushan introduces you to these little-known but still living languages, in the video below. You will also discover that words you know well actually come from Aboriginal languages!

After the influencers, the “disinfluencers”!


While influencers try to convince you to buy makeup and other products, “disinfluencers” want to persuade you not to buy them.

Are you on social networks? If so, you may have noticed that a lot of influencers try to convince you to buy products, like a drink or a lipstick. But more and more, we see the opposite trend: personalities encouraging their audiences NOT to buy certain things. We explain this phenomenon to you.

The world upside down !

The #deinfluencing hashtag is very popular on TikTok these days. Many influencers use it to warn people… not to buy certain products.

For example, these “disinfluencers” will tell you not to get a cream or a pair of shoes because they think these products are too expensive, of poor quality or useless.

That’s exactly what Michelle Skidelsky, a student from Ontario, who posted videos on TikTok called “These products you don’t need” is doing.

What is their goal?

You would think that these influencers are waging war on overconsumption. It’s possible, but Jean-François Renaud, professor at HEC Montreal, believes that some of them publish this type of video simply to be known. It’s like a form of marketing, that is, they market themselves that way.

Because “disinfluence” remains a way of influencing: you are influenced not to buy a product!

Moreover, according to several experts, this trend will not change people’s habits that much. Indeed, purchases made directly on TikTok are constantly increasing. Social media specialist Nellie Brière even explains that TikTok is “like a shopping center where they want to sell everything to us”!

And you, what do you think of the trend of “disinfluencers”? Do you think they can encourage people to reduce their consumption? Is this a good thing, in your opinion? This is a good topic to discuss with the family!

According to an article by Léa Carrier, The Press

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