the A13 closed towards Paris, “saturated” traffic in Yvelines

At issue: the closure of the Saint-Cloud tunnel due to damage to safety equipment.



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Cars stuck on the A13 motorway.  Illustrative photo.  (CHARLY TRIBALLEAU / AFP)

Avoid taking the A13 if possible: the message from Sytadin, the real-time traffic service of the Ile-de-France Roads Department is very clear, Tuesday March 5, 2024. And for good reason: tens of kilometers of traffic jams and traffic times multiplied by three or four locally in Yvelines.

The A13 motorway is in fact closed between Rocquencourt and Porte d’Auteuil, due to the closure of the Saint-Cloud tunnel due to damage to safety equipment, France Bleu Paris has learned, confirmed by Sytadin. Traffic is “saturated” specifies the site. The tunnel was closed Monday afternoon due to a problem with the safety equipment. It is still closed this Tuesday morning. As a result, the A13 remains neutralized in the direction of Paris.

Sytadin advises not to try to take the axis because it took up to two hours to reach Paris from Orgeval this Tuesday morning. “Avoid as much as possible taking the A13 towards Paris from Orgeval, it is saturated until the obligatory exit towards A12 at Rocquencourt“, advises Sytadin.

“In one hour, I had to cover 400 meters”

As a result, traffic is saturated on the A12. You should allow an hour this Tuesday morning to go from Bois d’Arcy to Rocquencourt, says Sytadin. At 7:30 a.m., the slowdowns in Ile-de-France already exceeded 300 km of cumulative traffic jams. Local diversions are in place via the N12 or the A14. Motorists confide their dismay, as on the microphone of France Bleu: “In one hour, I had to cover 400 meters.”explains Nicolas.

No information on a reopening during the day is currently available.

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