“That’s not at all what I wanted to say Nathalie”, big discomfort live in “PAF” when Pascale de La Tour du Pin mentions Jean-Pierre Pernaut in front of his widow

We don’t mourn, we live with it. Nathalie Marquay is undoubtedly living proof of this. Indeed, the former Miss France lost her husband Jean-Pierre Pernaut on March 2, 2022. Since then, she has obviously still not forgotten the man of her life and will never forget him. Guest of PAF this Monday, September 18, Lou and Tom’s mother confided that he is “always present at his side” and he even has it “accompanied” on the filming of Traitors on M6 few months ago.

When he appeared on the show C8, Nathalie Marquay took advantage of the moment to recall how Jean-Pierre Pernaut was important during his life and what a great man he was. It was at that moment that Pascale de La Tour du Pin took the floor to praise the former presenter of the 1 p.m. news on TF1 whom she met several years ago. “Jean-Pierre is a great person. I knew the professional version, obviously not the private version”she said live in PAF.

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Pascale de La Tour du Pin talks about her relationship with Jean-Pierre Pernaut, an embarrassing moment in “PAF”

A statement that did not fail to provoke a reaction Nathalie Marquay : “Oh, are you sure? No, I’m just kidding.” “That’s not at all what I meant, Nathalie!”then retorted Pascale de La Tour du Pin, no longer knowing where to stand. And she couldn’t count on the support of Damien Canivez, columnist of the day, to get her out of the situation: “You still specified “the professional version”!” “That’s not at all what I meant. I wanted to clarify that we didn’t see each other outside of work!”she defended herself once again.

Not enough to hurt the ex-beauty queen who understood very well what the one who also officiates at Cyril Hanouna meant.


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