that day when Solange Knowles slapped her brother-in-law

New York, May 5, 2014. It is undoubtedly the most anticipated evening in the fashion world. Created in 1948, the MET Gala is The Place to Be.

That evening, in dresses each more extravagant than the last, top model Gisèle Bündchen walked the red carpet, followed by Kristen Stewart, Marion Cotillard and the Beckhams, matching in white. But the ones everyone looks at are the couple
Jay Z .
She, the international star, Destiny’s Child with thousands of albums. Him, the rap prodigy, the pygmalion with the broken face. Beyonce was 18 when she crossed his path in 2002.

The song Bonnie and Clyde sealed their love, which they made concrete on April 4, 2008 by putting the ring on their finger. From their relationship, little Blue Ivy Carter was born four years later, who became the most spied on baby on the planet.

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Crazy in Love

This evening of the MET Gala therefore crowns their happiness. The couple is at the height of their careers, at the head of a veritable empire shaped by hard work and talent. However, amidst the rhinestones and flashes, nothing goes as planned. The dark side is Solange Knowles, Queen B’s little sister.

The one who wants to follow in the footsteps of her elder, but who is only recognized by an elite and harbors a certain resentment (which she also puts to music in the song “F*** the Industry”). At the MET after-party, to which she is invited by the couple, Solange is tipsy.

To alleviate her discomfort, she would have, according to information from Daily News disclosed at the time, invited two friends of hers without the authorization of the two stars. Friends who arrived in inappropriate outfits, claiming to be “friends of Jay Z”. The person concerned then intervened by asking his sister-in-law and her friends to stop “use his name”. But the dispute does not end there.

Settling scores with family

Because the rapper, who produces the young singer Rihanna with whom rumors attribute him to an affair, intends to go to the evening organized by his filly at the Up & Down a famous New York nightclub.

Taking up the cause of her big sister, according to the English magazine, Solange Knowles would have lost her temper: “Why did your husband need to go to this party?” she would have asked Beyonce, according to the source interviewed by the newspaper. Then, she allegedly said to her brother-in-law: Why can’t you just go home House ? before giving him a violent slap, which will be captured by the hotel’s cameras and broadcast by the American site TMZ.

An altercation that has become emblematic and on which Jay Z returned in 2017 by declaring to the site Rap Radar : “We have always had a great relationship […] I fought and argued with my brothers all my life. Those are things that happen […] but that’s not important.”. And which will obviously inspire the three protagonists, as American journalist Jordan Page notes on his X account: “This that evening, in the elevator, three albums were written.”

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