TF1 broadcasts a new version of “Friday everything is permitted”… at 2:20 a.m.!

Just after The secret song this Friday, December 1, 2023, TF1 offered in complete confidentiality two unpublished On Friday, everything is allowed, filmed just a few weeks ago. If the first new release had indeed been announced by TF1, the second, broadcast until 3:30 a.m.turned out to be liquidated in catimini by the chain. It was in no way announced in the program schedules as unpublished. As a result, viewers of TF1’s flagship Friday evening program were somewhat annoyed on the networks, furious at having to wait until so late at night to find the new pranks proposed by Arthur and his fine team.

History an unpublished issue of VTEP at 2:20 a.m…. TF1’s programming has been catastrophic for years!”protested a fan of the program. In the first new one, Arthur received Karima Charni, Inès Vandamme, Julien Santini, Booder, Chris Marques and Nick Mukoko. In the second, broadcast until more than 3:30 a.m. (a record for the program), Arthur was in the company of Kevin Razy, Antonia de Rendinger, Patrick Chanfray, Clara Morgane, Az, Majid Berhila and Timothé Poissonnet. We can bet that TF1 will rebroadcast this episode in 2024 at a later time, thus allowing fans of the show to be able to watch it… like something new, which really won’t be one !

Historically low audiences, the show in danger?

Unsurprisingly, at such a late and confidential hour, the hearings turned out to be catastrophic. According to journalist Clément Garin, the first new release of the evening plunged TF1 audiences in the middle of the night to 178,000 viewers and 6.9% market share on the entire public. The second, broadcast until 3:30 a.m., fell to 64,000 viewers and 4.6% for those aged four and over. A historic setback for Arthur and this show that he has been offering on TF1 for almost twelve years, and which was the channel’s heyday for many years, and which seems to be living its last moments of life…

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