Teenagers attack Uber driver over “Tiktok”

An Uber driver was violently beaten by two teenagers who filmed the scene in New York last Sunday.

“I don’t know if they wanted to rob me or if it was just to make a TikTok video,” the victim told the New YorkPost.

The suspects, who appear to be aged between 11 and 17, allegedly attacked the 28-year-old Uber driver in his car as he picked up a customer.

They allegedly attacked him from behind. While one of them hit him with his fists, the other pointed a gun at him.

Another teenager on the scene filmed the scene while his comrades attacked the driver, the victim testified to New York Post.

While he was waiting for an ambulance, two of the young offenders returned looking for the phone, he added. “I’m so devastated that these kids are doing this,” the victim said.

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