Technical and scientific French | The duty

The development of a computer application like ArriveCAN is done using a programming language based largely on English. […] Although it is necessary to know English to use programming languages ​​well, the instructions, modes of use and functions, parts visible to the user, are made up in a way of “labels” in the language of the recipient which are nested in the code without modifying it. These “labels” […] can be offered in several languages, depending on demand.

If the English language predominates in scientific and technical terminology, it is false to believe or suggest that this terminology does not exist in French. Within the Order of Approved Translators, Terminologists and Interpreters of Quebec, 267 translators are listed in the “IT and software” field, not counting those who practice in this specialty without being approved. As an approved translator, specializing in aviation mechanics, I translated into French the call for tenders for Canada’s new fighter plane, the F18 Hornet. Technical and scientific terminologies exist in French, as do translators specialized in these fields.

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