Taylor Swift guest of “Star Academy”? The Academicians have been informed of the buzz!

Will come, will not come? One thing is certain: the rumor served TF1! A few days ago, media journalist Clément Garin dropped a bomb on Taylor Swift would be the surprise guest at the premium star Academy broadcast this Saturday, January 6, 2024. Although the channel did not wish to react to the rumor, it quickly made the rounds on social networks, and even crossed borders! The Spanish, who also broadcast a very popular version of the star Academyquickly became aware of this information, which they did not take seriously and which they quickly mocked. A heated fight broke out between the French and Spanish fan communities, who wanted to demonstrate that their Star Ac was better!

An incredible buzz, which TF1 never stopped surfing with trailers throughout the week with Shake It Off in the background. But that’s not all ! On TikTok, singer Eddy de Prettowho will be present this Saturday January 6 at studio 217 alongside Camille Lellouche and Umberto Tozzi in particular, also put in his two cents: “On the road to being the long-awaited Taylor Swift on the Star Ac set”. And as if that wasn’t enough, TF1 did not hesitate to inform the Academicians! In a clip they prepared a few hours ago, Axel, Djebril, Lénie, Julien, Pierre and Héléna have fun quarreling between French viewers and Spanish viewers!

In a final trailer clip that they filmed in the castle, the Academicians still in the running meet their millions of faithful to music by Taylor Swift. One thing is certain: if Taylor Swift is most likely not invited to the Star Ac this Saturday, TF1 knew how to make use of this lovely buzz with derision, and the obvious media excitement allowed French and Spanish producers to get closer and have fun with it! It remains to be seen whether the person concerned was informed of this incredible buzz that she generated despite herself…

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