Sylvester Stallone: ​​His mother Jackie could read in the buttocks, explanations…

As a rule, parents pass on some of their passions to their children naturally. It’s hard not to want to pursue a career in cinema when you have actor parents, for example. If Sylvester Stallone chose the path of cinema which allowed him to embody Rambo, whose part First Blood is broadcast this October 17 on C8, it is in any case not thanks to his mother Jackie Stallone. The latter, to whom he was very close, had a very particular and, to say the least, singular gift. Passionate about the world of clairvoyance, Jackie Stallone had also made a name for herself in the industry by reading the future of her clients.

Sometimes all it takes is a little coffee grounds, hand lines, photos or a crystal ball to enlighten the future of some enthusiasts. Jackie Stallone wanted to stand out and she didn’t do things by halves. Renowned in the community, Sylvester Stallone’s mother was known to practice rumpology, otherwise the art of reading the future in … people’s buttocks.

Jackie Stallone was happy to talk about this fascinating and somewhat cheeky profession. On her website, she even said more about this art which she had made her profession. Through the traces present on the skin of the buttocks of her clients, Jacqueline Stallone spoke to them of the place that love, luck or even money would take in the more or less distant future, for the price of 125 dollars ( i.e. approximately 97 euros) specified Release at the time. A colorful profession in the image of the striking personality of the character of Jackie Stallone.

His disappearance in September 2020 upset a lot of people, starting with his children. “This morning my brothers and I lost our mother Jackie Stallone. (…) She died in her sleep as she had wished. It was hard not to like him, he was a very eccentric and flamboyant person who was hard not to like. My brother Sylvester took care of her all her life like she was a queen“, explained Frank, the actor’s brother. Jackie Stallone was also the mother of Toni-Ann, who died of lung cancer in 2012.

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