Suzanne Clément’s sporting challenge

A year after its release in Europe, the fanciful comedy Elsewhere if I’m there, starring Suzanne Clément, lands on Quebec screens. We took the opportunity to speak with the star of STAT of her marathon pace, her return to Quebec and her projects.

It was the tone that first attracted Suzanne Clément to the script forElsewhere if I’m there. She sees the film by Belgian François Pirot as a little gem, à la Woody Allen. “There’s no cynicism, it’s more of a bittersweet comedy. There is a lot of tenderness too, he makes fun of his characters, but not maliciously. »

In Elsewhere if I’m there, Suzanne Clément plays Catherine, a woman whose husband Mathieu (Jérémie Rénier) has given up everything to go live… in the forest. A gesture that will make everyone around him move, but “sometimes, moving is better than standing still” believes the actress. “I recognize myself in that, making big choices! Catherine has bad ones, but she has to move, she can’t take it anymore. »

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