Suspected of attempted theft on his own car | A black man mistakenly handcuffed by the SPVM

The Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM) is in embarrassment following the arrest of a black man whom two officers suspected of attempting to steal his own car. However, the police did not have the key to release the man who had to wait several minutes before regaining his freedom.

Posted at 9:03 a.m.

Andre Duchesne

Andre Duchesne
The Press

A video of this story that shocked many internet users has gone viral on social media.

“Is it because I’m black or what. It hurts, ”repeated the man a few times, a visibly indignant healthcare worker. The two policemen, dressed in civilian clothes, were embarrassed by the situation.

“Sir, if you work like that, you won’t get far in your career,” the arrested man told one of the two officers while his colleague held him by the arm, saying “understand that it’s not the fun “.

The arrest occurred Friday afternoon in the parking lot of a shopping mall. On duty, the police were keeping an eye on a Honda CRV SUV vehicle that showed theft marks on one of the locks, reads an SPVM comment posted on Twitter.

When a man approached the vehicle to board, the two police officers stopped him.

Indicating that it had read the video posted on Facebook, the SPVM added: “Immediately, we carried out checks to find out the detailed circumstances surrounding the event. »

Does this mean that there will be an internal investigation? To this question, the police had no further details to add when The Press contacted the public relations officer on duty Saturday morning. Nor could we be told why the police did not have the key to their own handcuffs.

The comments accompanying the video testified to the anger of the citizens in the face of this arbitrary arrest. “To the resistance makes things change for a united world against injustices” said one of them. “No common sense,” wrote another. “Systemic racism, racial profiling”, was indignant a third.

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