Survivor Quebec | The Mata Hari of Bayani

The Bayani tribe of Survivor Quebec will definitely wake up with a huge headache, a migraine like a band of pain, worse than poisoning with an unknown root vegetable.

First, the members of Bayani sacrificed one of their most entertaining and bright candidates, the painter Olivier Corneau, 33, from Jonquière, the man in the fire engine red Speedo and the extravagant hats made from the elements of nature.

Then, Bayani pardoned the spy from Nawa, Desneiges, the 32-year-old communications advisor, who will return to her original orange tribe with a bag full of crucial information for the rest of the game. These tribal secrets will enhance the position of Desneiges in the social hierarchy of Nawa, who was floundering in the lower depths of the pyramid with the teacher Gwladys, 46 years old, and the video game broadcaster on Twitch, Dominic, 29 years old.

At Bayani, the initial elimination vote still targeted poor Raphaël, 29, who has been living and sobbing since his arrival in the Philippines. But Audrey, 36 years old, Déborah, 39 years old, and Sébastien (the mayor of Amos), 47 years old, led the charge against Olivier, whom they accused of playing both sides. With the support of Raphaël, the competitor who always has mist in his Ray-Bans, and that of Desneiges, who followed the dominant trend, Olivier’s fate was sealed.

This reversal orchestrated by Audrey, Déborah and Sébastien, which Nostradumas had not seen coming, what a reversal, was audacious and electrifying. Self-proclaimed leader of Bayani, retiree André, 65, also seemed shaken and surprised by the about-face, which weakened his “legendary” authority.

And it’s not a bad thing that André’s influence is waning at Bayani. It was getting heavy to see him deciding everything and pontificating as if he had the absolute truth.

It was also time for Audrey, the fashion entrepreneur, to wake up. She presented herself as the first villain of Survivor Quebec and had not acted like a villain until now. At the last tribal council, the mischievous look of satisfaction that Audrey exchanged with Sébastien, after Olivier’s dismissal, suggests that this type of Machiavellian plan will be repeated. I say yes to all that.

On paper, painter Olivier was a much better player than Raphaël, who was once again benched for the final wheelbarrow-catapult challenge. Last week, Olivier won the terracotta pot competition without blinking an eye, even beating Nawa’s alpha competitor, real estate entrepreneur Ghyslain, 29.

The possibility of bringing out a formidable competitor like Olivier, whom viewers adored, does not arise often and Audrey quickly seized it. In no way threatening, the discreet Raphaël will easily give up at the next tribal council.

Even if they dominated the last immunity challenge, the members of Nawa did not all shine in the recent episodes of Survivor Quebec. Starting with Érick, 43, who lost the trust of his comrades by orchestrating a subtle and, above all, useless transfer of zero immunity, during a particularly tense tribal council.

Ghyslain’s starched speech, who praised Desneiges’ wide range of qualities to Bayani, sounded as false as it was suspicious. If Desneiges was so formidable and indispensable, why did Ghyslain and his colleagues eject her from their team?

At Nawa, I love Kassandre, Jean-Michel and Ghyslain. On the Bayani side, my favorites remain Florence, Sébastien and Audrey.

In the other television jungle, that of Get me out of here! at TVA, Alex Perron was the slowest to unscrew red pellets, his head inserted into a vivarium full of snakes. So he had to leave the camp with his backpack and a tremor in his voice.

The cast of this second season of Get me out of here! is downright enjoyable to watch suffer in a bath filled with stinking viscera, viscous blood, and sour milk. We did not feel such a sincere and intense bond between the guinea pigs of the first year.

I think of the friendship that quickly united the comedian Rosalie Vaillancourt and the actress Audrey Roger, who constantly throw themselves into each other’s arms. I also think of the almost father-daughter relationship that developed between host Dave Morissette and Audrey Roger, who talked a lot about their respective dads, both deceased.

This type of revelation finds its place more in The true naturenormally, but as the campers appreciate, respect and love each other, they allow themselves to tackle more difficult subjects, which adds depth to the episodes of Get me out of here!.

Don’t get me wrong. This “confidence” aspect works because of the chemistry that binds the current happy castaways. The heart of the show, however, remains the bugs, the mud and the bines.

Message to Jean-Philippe Dion: there is therefore no question of transforming the new trailer into a souvenir barn, thanks in advance.

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