surprising revelations from Kad Merad live in “50′ Inside”

From September 27, Kad Merad will once again be on stage at the Marigny theater in Paris to perform in the play Ruy Blas alongside Jacques Weber. In full promotion of this new project, the 59-year-old actor and comedian is currently making appearances on television sets. We were able to see him opposite Léa Salamé on the set of What an erawhere he had to watch an embarrassing sketch mentioning Pierre Palmade.

This Saturday September 16, 2023, the husband of Julia Vignaliwas the guest of honor on the show 50’Inside and agreed to answer Isabelle Ithurburu’s questions. The new recruit of the TF1 channel did not hesitate to look back on the rather complicated beginnings of his career. “For almost 20 years, you will have lots of odd jobs. I read: encyclopedia seller, kind organizer at Club Med, you also held a seminar at La Poste… At that time, you were still dreaming to become an actor or had you given up?” she asked.

“No! Always! I never gave up… I went off on a tangent. I started playing drums, that’s how I ended up at Club Méditerranée, ultimately at Club Med I was a musician. But as there was a stage and as there was the possibility of doing sketches, I said to myself that I would find myself on stage every evening. So, I always had in mind being an actor! “ he then confided.

Kad Merad makes a sad revelation about his father
Kad Merad then explained that he was able to rely on his parents who have always been a great support. “Fortunately, I still succeeded in something because my parents, imagine, I still had a mother – who I still have -, when I said to her ‘Mom, I want a battery’, she worked in a DIY store, she said to me, ‘Okay!’. And she bought me a drum set! She worked in a DIY store, she was a saleswoman… But she got high!”.

And to continue about his father: “My father tore himself apart for us! A lot, a lot… Especially financially, I don’t know how they did it. I had a moped, and when I see the price of a moped today, I tell me ‘How did they do it?’, we were three boys”. Himself the father of a boy today, Kad Merad then discovered that his father had made significant sacrifices: “I learned very late that my father was in debt to death… He went into debt to pay us great vacation, it was horrible!”. And to conclude: “He’s not the only one, there are many children who have parents who have nothing left. We lived well for modest people. We lived well. We were very happy, really!”.

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