surprising revelation in the face of Faustine Bollaert

For the first time, a woman was elected the French’s favorite presenter. It’s Faustine Bollaert! This Thursday, December 21, 2023, TV Magazine unveiled its famous ranking, the opportunity to discover that Jean-Luc Reichmann was dethroned by the pretty brunette who now occupies first place. But also by Jarry who occupies second position in the ranking.

In one of the issues of his show It starts today this week, Faustine Bollaert received several personalities. This Friday, December 22, 2023, Caroline Roux, Laurent Luyat, Jérôme Pitorin and Cyril Féraud were the guests of the day. The opportunity for everyone to tell their story. Cyril Féraud then confided about his work pace which is very intense.

Because two daily shows, plus every prime time, that’s a lot of filming. I am a co-producer of most of these shows, that is to say I am there for the preparation, for the writing, for the filming and then for the editing, up to the actual delivery of the show so It’s a lot of work but I’m such a control freak… Maybe that’s what makes it work too” did he declare.

To keep going, the leader treats himself to good moments of rest. “As I manage to schedule the shoots months in advance, that is to say I can tell you in six months what I’m shooting on a given day, this allows me to schedule my rest periods in advance. The famous vacation. And then, on the other hand, he can start the revolution, I won’t move my vacation.” He adds :I know that when I go on vacation, I don’t know where, but I know exactly when I’m going. It gives me a goal and it allows me to tell myself when I’m tired that I’ll be able to breathe afterwards.“. The 38-year-old host concludes by explaining what his daily life on vacation consists of: “It’s going swimming, sleeping, doing sports, eating properly, going to bed early… I’m not a big teffer“.


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