Summer vacation: here are some tips to pay less for your ticket

Quebecers should start planning their summer vacation now if they plan to travel abroad this year, advises price comparison site FlightHub.

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With the pandemic, travelers’ purchasing habits have changed, as have their destinations. If Europe has shone with its popularity as a summer destination in recent years, Asia and Australia have in fact been shunned by travelers, according to data collected by the company’s analysts.

“After the pandemic, for some destinations like Asia and Australia, capacity and number of travelers are still not returning,” said Christopher Cave, president and CEO of FlightHub.

Here’s what you need to know, according to Mr. Cave.

Be flexible

The more flexible you are in choosing the destination and dates, the more you will be able to benefit from discounted tickets, with, for example, last minute offers.

The price of plane tickets depends a lot on the capacity, the number of seats available, the time between purchase and departure, the destination and the period of travel. The rest depends on the rules specific to each airline, Mr. Cave said.

“Each airline has its own little nuance or way of doing things, but in general it really depends on the number of seats available and the departure time,” he added.

As the departure date approaches, if the plane is not full, prices drop. Conversely, the fewer seats available, the more expensive the tickets will be.

When to buy your tickets?

If you have a destination in mind and have already planned your dates, it is best to get there as early as possible to take advantage of the best prices. With some airlines, you can book your tickets up to a year before the departure date.

Most Canadian vacationers begin their international travel arrangements in March, April and May; These periods should therefore be avoided to buy your tickets at the best price.

“Typically, in the months of March, April and May, there are a lot of Canadians who will really get started on their research and purchases for summer travel, especially outside of Canada, and internationally. I would advise those who want a good price to perhaps get started a little earlier,” added the FlightHub CEO.

To put all the chances on your side and save a few dollars, it is best to buy your tickets as early as January.

Certain periods such as the pre-Christmas Megasale (or Boxing Day), Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday (Black Friday And Cyber ​​Monday) could also be interesting to take advantage of good discounts.

Europe very popular

Domestic travel is often less expensive than international travel and offers more flexibility. For example, it is essential to plan in advance for trips to Europe.

“What we have seen in recent years, for summer trips to Europe, the earlier the better, because these destinations have been very popular so the seats have sold quickly,” detailed Mr. Cave .

“The best thing to do is to find a good online travel agency and have the opportunity to have several options at a glance,” he also advised.

Mr. Cave, however, insisted on the fact that the pricing method remains specific to each airline, and that there is no general rule for paying less than your neighbor, unfortunately.

Destinations to favor for summer 2024

Here are the ticket price variations by destination for travelers who purchased their tickets in November 2023 in anticipation of summer 2024, compared to November 2022 for summer 2023.

Ticket prices for South Africa (-23%), Australia (-15%), Croatia (-6%) and Italy (-2%) have become more affordable this year.

In contrast, travelers who chose the UK (+46%), West Asia (+40%) and the US (+25%) for summer 2024 saw prices s ‘fly away.

Generally, prices for traveling to Asia this summer have increased. Prices for Europe remained relatively stable compared to last year.

Data for the rest of America was not available at the time of writing.

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