Storm Philippe: Guadeloupe goes into red alert for heavy rain and thunderstorms

It was announced, it is effective… The archipelago has been placed on red alert for heavy rain and storms, shortly after 7:30 p.m., this Monday, September 2. The yellow alert for strong winds and waves-submersion is still in effect.

The effects of tropical storm Philippe are increasingly present in Guadeloupe.

As a reminder, the prefect of Guadeloupe, in agreement with the rector, has decided to close schools and educational establishments tomorrow morning.

At 5 p.m., the center of the phenomenon was located 120 km north of Grande-Vigie.

Shortly after 7:30 p.m., the red alert for heavy rain and thunderstorms was triggered by the prefecture. The department remains on yellow alert for strong winds and waves-submersion.

According to Météo France forecasters, the torrential rains and storms generated by storm Philippe will settle in for a long time overnight and until tomorrow morning. Strong accumulations are expected over short periods (50 to 100 mm in 1 or 2 hours) but also over the duration of the episode. Accumulations of around 200 to 300 mm over 24 hours are expected.

The wind blows unusually from the south-southwest at an average of 40/50 km/h in exposed areas, mainly on the coasts and terrain as well as at sea.

Tomorrow, it will gradually move south and weaken very gradually. Furthermore, gusts are possible in the heaviest showers, up to 80/90 km/h tonight and tomorrow morning, the unusual direction remaining to be taken into consideration.

The strengthening of the southwest then south-southwest wind will gradually generate unusual agitation on the coasts exposed to the West and the South (Côte-sous-le-vent, southeast of Basse-Terre, Saintes, Marie-Galante, Riviera and Désirade). Breaks and localized flooding are expected and boat anchorages will be in demand tonight and tomorrow Tuesday.

Areas concerned: Côte-sous-le-vent, south-east of Basse-Terre, Saintes, Marie-Galante Ouest, Riviera and Désirade.

  • 115 mm in 1 hour in Vieux-Fort
  • 52 mm in 1 hour in Gourbeyre
  • 43 mm in 1 hour in Port-Louis.
  • 38 mm in 1 hour in Les Abymes (Chazeaux)

Estimated totals (by precipitation radar):

  • 100 mm in 1 hour in Les Saintes.

Avoid all travel and stay at home.

Do not undertake any travel at sea or in the mountains. Don’t swim.

Protect your integrity, your property and your environment:

  • obey the orders of rescuers or municipal authorities, including for evacuations,
  • in case of risk of landslide, evacuate your home safely,
  • In the event of a violent storm, ban the use of telephones and electrical appliances and do not take shelter in a wooded area, nor near poles, pylons, nor under an isolated tree.

If you absolutely have to travel:

  • report your departure and destination to loved ones and be very careful,
  • respect the deviations and prohibitions put in place,
  • Do not, under any circumstances, enter a submerged road on foot or by car, and do not attempt to cross fords or even partially flooded areas.

Near the shore:

  • if you live by the sea, protect your property from possible rising water levels,
  • If necessary, evacuate your home and take shelter inland.

At the end of the day, the Guadeloupe Joint Water and Sanitation Management Union, in a press release, announced that “disruptions due to bad weather across its entire perimeter” could occur.

Under these conditions, the press release indicates:

  • the volume arriving at the factories is therefore much lower than the usual volume due to blocked river intakes. The population’s need for water cannot be met,
  • the water arriving at the factories within 48 hours is muddy and loaded with materials, it therefore has high turbidity which impacts its quality,
  • electrical malfunctions affect our production tools…

Because of these various factors (bad weather, blocked water intake, turbidity and electrical malfunctions, etc.) water distribution risks being more degraded throughout the territory, announces SMGEAG.

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