Stéphane Guillon extinguishes Francis Lalanne and Jean-Marie Bigard!

Guest on Sud Radio in “Le 10 heures-midi” this Thursday, February 9, 2023, Stéphane Guillon returned to the news of the moment in the company of Valérie Expert and Gilles Ganzmann.

The one who will perform for the first time live from La Cigale on February 10 has also returned to the recent announcement by Francis Lalanne concerning a show project in the company of Dieudonné. Indeed, in the program “Chez Jordan”, on February 6, the artist announced that he intended to perform on stage with the controversial comedian before retiring… An interview which made Stéphane Guillon react !

“Francis Lalanne said he was going to end his career by doing a duet with Dieudonné. I wonder if it is not Dieudonné who will complete his own by doing a duet with Francis Lalanne! » he blurted out. A little well-felt spade to Francis Lalanne who reacted to Gilles Ganzman: “You also say in your last show that when Francis Lalanne said he was antivax…”, declared the journalist before being cut off by his guest who insisted on finishing his sentence: “I got vaccinated the next day”.

A well-felt spade

Words that refer to one of his last shows where Stéphane Guillon launched on stage: “Antivax is complicated. The two artists who immediately supported them were Francis Lalanne and Jean-Marie Bigard. Me, I knew that, the next day, I was vaccinated. »

“For us to be for the vaccine, did Macron not ask the two most stupid to be against? », he added…

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