Special Monkey Island on the occasion of the release of “Return to Monkey Island”

Guests of the week: To talk about the return of the franchise, we called on 3 experts:

  • Jean Klébert Lauret from the ZQSD podcast
  • Nicolas Deneschau, he takes out the book Mysteries of Monkey Island published by Third Editions
  • Kahn Lusth, editor for Duck PC, the game is on the cover of the latest issue

Edited by LucasArtsthe six games plunge us into the crazy universe of Guybrush Threepwood, a man who wants to become a pirate in the Caribbean! The humor, graphics and gripping story of these games quickly made them timeless classics.

13 years after the last opus produced by Telltale GamesGuybrush, LeChuck, Elaine and Danny are back in Return to Monkey Island which marks the return of the original creator, Ron Gilbertabsent from the franchise since the third game.

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And since we’re nice and consistent this week we offer you Return to Monkey Island on PC or Switch as well as our guest book ! Pretty cool, right? So join us on Twitter with the #JVBLEU to try your luck!

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