Spain creates scandal with its title

While the eleventh season of the

star Academy
has just come to an end, music lovers are already impatiently awaiting the
. The competition which will take place on May 13 in Liverpool, England, is indeed fast approaching… But for now, a new controversy has splashed the event.

Last Saturday February 3, the Nebolusso group won the Benidorm Festivala Spanish competition to represent the country at Eurovision, with the song Zora. A victory which immediately got people talking to the extent that this piece is, in current Spanish language, a sexist insult which could be translated into French as “female dog” or even “whore”.

“I know I’m just a misunderstood female dog”, “I know I’m just a slut, that my past has devoured you”, notably sings Maria Base, accompanied by keyboardist Mark Dasousa.

Removal of the song requested

A title that the singer nevertheless defends tooth and nail. On Spanish radio RTVEafter her victory, the latter indeed explained that she wanted to reappropriate this insult. “I have often been called ‘female dog’. This title is a way of transforming this word into something beautifulsaid the 55-year-old artist.

A justification which did not convince the feminist associations which immediately requested the immediate withdrawal of the song from the competition. The song “insults women in a macho way”, launched the Feminist Movement of Madrid in a long press release, describing at the same time as “absurdity” the fact of “pretending to wash away the offense by repeating that it is is about giving more power to women. To be continued…


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