Spain: 13 dead in nightclub fire


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A fire destroyed three nightclubs in Murcia, Spain. At least 13 people died in one of them on Sunday October 1st.

In Murcia (Spain)powerful flames devastated an entire nightclub. The images of the firefighters show the scale of the blaze, as well as their difficulties in progressing through the bar. The fire spread to the top floor, late in the evening, around 6 a.m., Sunday October 1, in circumstances that are still unknown. At least 13 people died. The fire broke out on a festive street in Murcia, a city in southeastern Spain. The victims were located in the Le Fonda nightclub.

Three days of mourning decreed by the mayor

Two other adjoining nightlife establishments were affected: THE Theater and the Golden. An employee describes the wide spread of the flames. We noticed smoke in our nightclub and then we evacuated. It seems that the other two nightclubs were also in flames“. In memory of the victims, the mayor of Murcia declared three days of mourning. The city’s bars and restaurants remain closed Sunday evening.

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