Sophie Turner sues Joe Jonas over child custody

The actress of Game Of Thrones has just filed a lawsuit against her husband Joe Jonas, with whom she is also in divorce proceedings. His request? May her two children come to join her immediately in England.

The lawsuit filed in Manhattan on Thursday is clear: Sophie Turner is demanding that her two daughters, aged 3 years and 14 months, return to England with her.

After a long shoot during which the children were with their father, the actress would have come to pick them up as planned. Joe Jonas would have categorically refused to allow the children to leave New York.

According to PEOPLE, which managed to obtain the lawsuit document, we can read the request “for an immediate return of children unjustly detained.”

We could also discover that the “father is in possession of the children’s passports. He refuses to return the passports to the mother and to return the children to England with their mother.”

After a big argument in mid-August, Joe Jonas filed for divorce on September 5.

According to Sophie Turner, the couple had chosen to make their new home in England their “forever home” during conversations which would have been held during the holiday season in 2022. Joe Jonas has since changed his mind on this plan after the separation .

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas got married in 2019, after three years of dating.

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