Sophie Marceau, rare on social networks, settles scores with a famous politician

It’s no for Gérard Larcher. If Emmanuel Macron wishes to include abortion in the Constitution, he will have a lot of work to do to convince the President of the Senate who will have to give his approval in the event of adoption by the National Assembly this Wednesday, January 24, 2024, before going through the Congress in early March. But the chances of including abortion in the Constitution seem slim with the latest declarations of Gérard Larcher on France Info this Tuesday.

“Abortion is not threatened in our country […] I think that the Constitution is not a catalog of social and societal rights”, he blurted out to our colleagues. The text which will be studied aims to include in the Constitution the fact that “the law determines the conditions under which the freedom guaranteed to women to have recourse is exercised” to abortion. “The first concern of mine is the conditions in which we practice voluntary termination of pregnancy”added the President of the Senate before recalling “that in more than ten years we have closed 130 centers which were dedicated to abortion”.

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Sophie Marceau, outraged by the words of Gérard Larcher

But this opposition to the inclusion of abortion in the Constitution brings out of their hinges many people who have been fighting for this for several years. And in particular Sophie Marceau. The 57-year-old actress, who already did not hesitate to rant against Gérard Depardieu a few weeks ago, once again raised her voice on her Instagram account this Wednesday.

“Of course abortion is threatened!!! Like the fate of women who cannot have recourse to it and that you put yourself in danger of deathshe lamented before emptying her bag for good: “You really don’t care about the fate of women. You represent patriarchy in all its splendor: complacent, retrograde and hypocritical. You bring shame to our French society. As long as there are men like you, we We will all be in danger.”. It remains to be seen whether this opinion will be taken into account by Gérard Larcher.


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