soon a vaccine against lung cancer?



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3 mins


12/13 info receives Gérald Kierzek, emergency doctor, this Tuesday, September 12. He comes to talk about the hope of a vaccine against cancer.

“It’s a real hope. Before, we talked about chemotherapy, surgery, with a lot of side effects. It’s a bit like firing a heavy weapon (…) the difference with this vcurative accin is that we will target cancer cells. We are going to do a biopsy of the tumor, we are going to take the antigens”specifies Gérald Kierzek. “We are going to extract a piece of this cancer and find the antigens which are specific”he continues

Fewer side effects

“We’re going to stimulate your white blood cells. We will only target the ‘bad’ cells (…) it is less serious in terms of consequences and side effects. There is a –41% risk of death”, he specifies. This mainly concerns lung cancers, but it is at the clinical stage. “There are also -11% side effects, this nIt’s not nothing. It’s an additional weapon”concludes the emergency doctor.

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