Sons of John Lennon and Paul McCartney co-sign their first song, “Primrose Hill”

The McCartney-Lennon duo reformed for a song: James McCartney and Sean Ono Lennon, sons of the two famous Beatles, co-wrote “Primrose Hill”, released a few days ago and which is already delighting fans of their illustrious elders.

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Sean Lennon and James McCartney, the sons of the two famous "Beatles" released the duo "Primrose Hill" on April 12, 2024. (GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / GETTY IMAGES VIA AFP / KEVIN WINTER / KARL WALTER)

The release of the title was announced on Friday April 12, 2024 by James McCartney, who performs it. Primrose Hill arrived ! I’m very excited to share my latest song, co-written with my dear friend Sean Ono Lennon, he wrote on Instagram, under a sepia-toned selfie of him and John Lennon’s son, who look exactly like their fathers.

“With the release of this song, it really feels like continuity,” added the singer.

The title is a reference to the upscale London district of the same name, which overlooks the British capital, and where many stars, including Paul McCartney, have residences.

The song is a ballad with melancholic echoes, in which the influence of the two stars of the Liverpool group – who were from the modest neighborhoods of the working-class city in the North of England – is more than evident.

Praised by Paul McCartney

The title did not leave Beatles admirers on social networks indifferent. “If you close your eyes, we hear the same voices!!” as those of John Lennon (died in 1980) and Paul McCartney, for example approves one of them on Instagram. “I never thought I would hear a new (signed) Lennon/McCartney song in 2024,” rejoices another.

Paul McCartney, 81, also promoted the title and congratulated his son on his Facebook account : “My son James released a new song called Primrose Hill. Go listen to it!” adding: “Lots of love to Sean Ono Lennon, who co-wrote the track”.

This old dream of a new generation Beatles duo is finally coming to fruition. In 2018, James McCartney and Sean Ono Lennon were already talking about the possibility of composing together. Following in the footsteps of their elders, James McCartney, 46 years old, and Sean Ono Lennon, 48 years old, both embraced a musical career, the first collaborating notably to albums by his father, far however from the global success of the Beatles.

At the end of last year, the release of a new unreleased Beatles song, Now and Thenreconstructed from an old model using artificial intelligence, had awakened Beatlesmania, rising to the top of the download and listening charts in the United Kingdom.

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