“Songs for you”, Maude Audet

While Maude Audet continues to enchant Quebec with the spectacle of her wonderful album We have to leave now, here we are gratified with what could be called an anniversary supplement. Just a year apart, Songs for you is received and heard as a sweet thank you. Three brief wishes, both personal and universal, intended for those who feel concerned, caresses for anyone who feels the need at the end of this strange winter which has resembled an endless autumn: Song for you is intended to be luminous, understanding, affectionate: a short series of verses without a chorus, but not without good tunes to help you sleep better. My dear friendmore ambitious in the arrangement, a melody that uplifts, gives strength to face the rest when “it’s okay / Only every other day”. Ghost, the first essay in English, finds in the complicity of Charlie Parcoeur a voice from yesteryear, the ghostly presence of a rediscovered memory. Spring can begin, and the tour continues.

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Songs for you


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Maude Audet, Bravo

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