Snowfall | Women’s slopestyle freestyle skiing qualification postponed

(Yanqing) Freestyle skiing women’s slopestyle qualification has been postponed due to heavy snowfall in the Yanqing area, organizers said. The second training for the women’s downhill at the Beijing Olympics has also been cancelled.

Posted at 9:56 p.m.

Nine days into the Games, snow fell for the first time in the arid Yanqing Mountains and is forecast to continue throughout the day.

The day after a first normal training, the downhillers will have to wait until Monday for a possible new training, before the race scheduled for Tuesday.

The giant men’s program on Sunday is maintained for the moment (first round at 10.15 a.m. local time, second at 1.45 p.m.), the discipline being easier to compete in difficult conditions.

In Zhangjiakou, 120 kilometers from Yanqing, the qualification for the women’s slopestyle in freestyle skiing was first postponed from 10 a.m. local to 12 p.m. local, due to weather conditions (snow and wind), then postponed to another day.

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