snow, triggered avalanches, snowboarders and some damage…

According to Météo-France, most of the bad weather has passed. At altitude, avalanche vigilance is maintained until Monday morning. Around fifteen people are stranded, without accommodation, in the Isola 2000 resort.

For this Sunday, Meteo France recorded between 90 and 110 mm of rain in the Grasse Pre-Alps and, locally, between 140 and 160 mm. Between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m., on the coast and inland, it rained around 10 millimeters per hour.

At midday, 37.8mm of cumulative rain was recorded at Nice airport, 114.2mm in Vence, 83mm in Carros and 20mm in Mercantour and the hinterland. In total, between 60 and 80 millimeters of rain were expected on the Riviera coast. Several demonstrations were canceled and roads were closed to traffic.

In Nice, the winds caused two trees to fall on the Promenade des Anglais, including one near the airport, causing significant slowdowns.

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Trees lying down on the Promenade des Anglais in Nice following the winds of this Sunday March 3


In Antibes, six pine trees fell in the city, causing material damage. Submersion waves also flooded a surface parking lot.

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The Soleil car park in Antibes is submerged by waves

©Coralie BECQ/FTV

HAS Chin, on the other hand, the wind made people happy. In the Mediterranean, surfers took to the waves all day long.

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Waves appeared on the Menton seaside this Sunday…and the surfers were out!


At altitude, snow fell in abundance. The rain-snow limit was calculated between 1,000 and 1,200 meters above sea level. The end of the snow episode is forecast for mid-afternoon.

In Saint-Martin-Vésubie, at an altitude of 970m, snow fell this Sunday morning:

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Snow fell this morning on Saint-Martin-Vésubie

©Jean-Bernard VITIELLO/FTV

Same thing on the Auron side:

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The village of Auron invaded by fresh snow this Sunday, March 3

©Nice Côte d’Azur tourist office

In Mercantour, above 2,000 meters, the accumulations of fresh snow reached 60cm at midday, indicates Meteo Francecreating a high probability of avalanches.

At Isola 2000, the RM97 which leads to the resort has been closed to traffic since 10:55 a.m., due to too much snow and too great a risk of avalanches. Mylène Agnelli, the mayor of the town, was therefore obliged to travel between the village (where 50 cm of fresh snow was observed this Sunday morning) and the station on a snowmobile with a tracker. “It was blocked, impossible to get my car out“, explains the elected official.

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The mayor of Isola must travel by snowmobile to the resort.


The RM97 road “is closed until [lundi] noon“, continues Mylène Agnelli. The pyrotechnicians deliberately trigger avalanches in order to be able to reopen this road in complete safety.

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An avalanche triggering on the heights of Isola 2000


At Isola2000, “some hosts let their guests stay one more night“, she continues. Around fifteen people, however, find themselves without accommodation.

For these people without accommodation, we will open a room this evening and provide them with camp beds, blankets, pizzas and drinks.

Mylène Agnelli, mayor of Isola

In the Alpes-Maritimes, the storm yellow alert lasts until 8 p.m.

The yellow rain-flood and wave submersion alerts last until midnight.

The yellow snow-ice alert and the orange avalanche alert continue until Monday noon.

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