Small concert halls | Montreal owners demand more flexible regulations

(Montreal) Montreal club owners are asking the City to update noise regulations and planning rules to better protect its small concert halls.

These popular nightlife destinations have in recent years found themselves increasingly surrounded by new residential construction that some club owners say puts them at increased risk of noise complaints and costly fines.

Jon Weisz, director of an association of independent concert halls in Quebec, says noise complaints threaten the very existence of certain establishments.

He argues that noise regulations in Montreal are generally too subjective and give too much credence to complaints.

He and others also want Montreal to force developers to adapt to the neighborhood’s existing noise conditions by integrating noise mitigation elements into building design and construction.

Sergio Da Silva, co-owner of Montreal bar and music venue Turbo Haüs, says he supports mixed-use development in his neighborhood, but the city needs to do more to ensure residents and clubs can coexist harmoniously.

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