Singer Lio, 61, poses in panties and proudly displays her pretty buttocks!

Titles in spades, years officiating on the jury of The New Staron M6or even appearances in various films and series… Vanda Maria Ribeiro Furtado Tavares de Vasconcelos, better known as Leo, is no longer to be presented. Helena Noguerra’s sister now enjoys a beautiful and successful career at the age of 61. In addition to having succeeded in his field, the artist also seems to win a battle that few people can claim to have won: that against old age.

If a few white hairs appear here and there on his skull, the interpreter of banana split nevertheless remains radiant and almost free of wrinkles. In addition, she still has a dream figure, as evidenced by the photo published by her manager, Sonia Deyirmendjian, this Saturday, July 22, 2023 on Instagram, where she poses in panties.

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Lio, 61, she still assumes herself as much!

“61 years old and all his ass”she quipped in the caption, before referring to the famous advertisement Maaf : “I will have it one day (a buttocks worthy of the name: editor’s note), I will have it… never”. The proof that, despite the passage of time, the one who left a bad memory for Cécile de Ménibus during her stay in The Cauet Methodstill boasts an enviable figure that might arouse jealousy among some women.

Totally liberated and assumed Lio! On the other hand, she gives very little importance to the sexual dimension, despite her pose in panties in front of thousands of Internet users. Indeed, during his appearance on the show Boomerang on the waves of France Inter in 2020, the artist, who regrets having “open the door to pedophiles”surprised everyone by talking about his sex life.

“Me, the feminine desire, I do not know it. I am in abstinence”she revealed on the radio before releasing information that no one expected: “I haven’t had sex since I turned 50. I don’t want to, I don’t want to pay and I don’t want to be treated as an object of sexual interest.” “I no longer want this relationship with my body towards men, because we always demand disproportionate retribution from women”she concluded, assuring that she felt much better as well.


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