should the parents of delinquent minors be punished?


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Monday, July 3, Emmanuel Macron said he was in favor of a change in the law to impose financial sanctions against the parents of juvenile offenders, very active during the violence which followed the death of Nahel. Is this idea really applicable?

Minors have been very active during the urban violence of recent days. 30% of those brought to justice are under 18 years old. Should we, however, punish their parents? Monday July 3 in the evening, Emmanuel Macron was in favor of it. “It would be necessary that at the first offense, we manage to financially and easily sanction the families, a kind of minimum price from the first bullshit”said the head of state.

Infrequent convictions

Today, a text of law already makes it possible to prosecute the parents of delinquent minors. This is article 227-17 of the Penal Code. In the event of a lack of education, the parents risk up to two years in prison and a fine of 30,000 euros. However, convictions are infrequent. “We cannot penalize a family that does what it can and does not manage to channel its child. We cannot rely on this article to massively condemn families of delinquent children”explains Me Solange Doumic, lawyer.

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